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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a lovely, relaxing time over the festive period and are looking forward to a happy new year. I'd love to hear how you celebrated Christmas.
I wanted to share with you some of the bits I was lucky enough to receive this Christmas. Most are beauty related, and I thought it was appropriate to post seeing as NG is part beauty blog. Again, I'd love to hear what presents you kindly gave and received this December!

Soap and Glory is by far one of my favourite beauty brands so I was delighted to receive The Yule Monty gift set off my parents. It contains lots of lush beauty products that I am sure will see me through the year!

I love opening a new perfume on Christmas day and the surprise of smelling the fragrance for the first time. This year I got Taylor Swift's Enchanted Wonderstruck. I must admit, I expected the smell to be slightly more sickly but I love it! It's a fruity scent with notes of peonies and passion fruit-perfect!

I was so grateful to receive this River Island satchel. I've been after a satchel for ages and I love that this one is so compact and sleek.

Between the Soap and Glory set and other bath gifts I got, I think (hope) I will be smelling nice indeed, next year. My boyfriend's sister got me a lovely body spray and body butter set. I love the fruity fragrances.

I like my jewellery big and sparkly, so I was so happy with this emerald-coloured necklace, from my boyfriend, and this bracelet, which I think has a Moroccan look to it.

For me, there is nothing as luxurious as a long soak in the bath whilst reading a magazine. Add a face mask and some wine and it's pretty much my perfect night in.

And last, but certainly not least, say hello to Tilly, the new addition to the Gregson family. If you follow me on instagram you will know that I was blessed to be gifted this gorgeous cocker spaniel puppy from my boyfriend's family. She's settling into the family home lovely, and I have to say she's as cute as she is naughty...

It took me ages to get this picture of her-she is so energetic so it's hard to get her still. Probably the best Christmas ever!

I hope you've enjoyed this post and I haven't bored you. I am so grateful to receive the gifts that I did. I think, though, that it is always so important at Christmas to cherish the things in life that aren't material, family and love, for instance, and  to spare a thought for those who aren't as fortune as yourself.

Again, merry Christmas!

With love,

NG <3

Thursday, 19 December 2013

O Tannenbaum

I think, aside from 'scheisse', the only vocab I remember from my German lessons is 'tannenbaum', from the German original of the song 'Oh Christmas Tree'. I suppose it is fitting for this post, given the Germanic origins of my family's Christmas baubles. Each year a new addition is added to our tree from German and Scandinavian stalls at various Christmas markets. Personally, I love the unique effect it adds to our Christmas tree and the happy memories evoked by each bauble. Here are my favourite ones that my family has collected over the years...

I'd love to hear if you have any similar traditions at Christmas and how you decorate your tree!

Keep festive!

NG <3


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Flat Note

At 5'2", I am undeniably a 'short arse'. There is a common misconception that if you are short you must wear heels at all times, which I am totally against. Don't get me wrong, I love heels as much as a TOWIE extra, but sometimes five-inchers just aren't practical. Take, for instance, when on campus. There is no way I would make it to a 9am lecture if I was tottering around in heels. So, just in time for Christmas, I've compiled a montage of my favourite high street flats this Winter...

NG <3


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The New NG

I've ran this little blog for over 18 months now and as much as I love it, it is undeniable that sometimes things needed jazzing up, trimming around the edges, and a little transformation. So I present to you the new NG. You may have noticed the little redesign that I've been, and are still, working on, and I believe (and hope!) that this marks a new phase for NG. Sometimes as bloggers we can be guilty of posting for the sake of it, to fill in a weekly quota, which in turn affects the quality of the posts. Similarly, I am just as guilty for letting my blog take a backseat, especially at busy, overwhelming times. So my aim for NG? To produce consitent, high quality and more personal posts.

Sometimes, change is good. Welcome to the new NG.

NG <3


Monday, 11 November 2013

Duck Egg

It may be my inner Blair Waldorf. Or it could possibly be my obsession with interior design on Pinterest. Whatever it is, my latest love is influenced by the wonderful world of home decor. Ever since summer I've fallen for the colour blue and its calming connotations and now my adoration has progressed even further; I want my bedroom in all its rose pink glory to be transformed into a blue haven. This is quite a drastic change for the 13 year old who swore to never have any other shade on her walls than pink (Elle Woods was my icon at the time).

My chosen shade is duck egg, a light, pastel blue. I find it so regal and when I see the shade I'm instantly reminded of Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and Downton Abbey. The truth is though, seeing as I'm not actually living at home at the moment and only spend a few months a year away from my student dwelling in Nottingham, the transformation's on hold. All the more time for Pinterest inspiration I say!
So as an antidote for my craving blue, here are my top pastel blue style picks!

NG <3


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Remember Remember the Fifth of November

I hope you are all having a great bonfire night! If you're not aware what this is (I'm not sure if it is an international celebration but I'm guessing it's a UK one due to its origins) it is basically a night, at the beginning of winter, that is the anniversary of the prevention of Guy Fawkes' attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament-history lesson there for you! To be honest there's not too much history in the festivities, it's a night to get wrapped up, see some beautiful fireworks and eat some comfort food, which is always welcome for me! I'm being boring and staying in tonight but last night my housemates and I had a mini bonfire and toasted marshmallows which was really nice so I suppose I have celebrated in my own little way.

I'm wearing a New Look coat, H&M dress and blazer, Barratts boots, Boohoo bag and Primark tights, scarf and necklace.

When winter comes there's nothing as nice as a big, comfortable coat. I honestly have been wearing this one every day-it goes with everything! I suppose if there was a subconscious 'theme' behind this outfit, given the coat and the dress, which has made many an appearance on NG, it would be my most worn clothes/accessories. What a good idea to put them all together!

I hope you have a great week and stay safe and warm this bonfire night!

NG <3


Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Autumn is by far one of my favourite times of year. I just adore the turning of the leaves; the crisp, fresh element in the air (so long as it's not too cold) and the traditions that the season brings along with it-Halloween, bonfire night etc. And Autumn fashion? It really doesn't get any better. Give a girl a nice coat and a good pair of boots and she's ready to go. Oh, I could ramble on about my love of Autumn continuously but I'll just put it into pictures instead!

I'm wearing a Primark jumper and tights, Boohoo faux fur gilet, bag and sneakers, H&M necklace and New Look skirt.

Hope you are all having a great week-only two more days until Friday!

NG <3


Sunday, 13 October 2013

What's in my Bag? University Edition

This is my third 'What's in my Bag' post. Forgive me for being a tad repetitive but I bloody love these posts! My latest offering is a peek inside my uni bag that I use day-to-day...

I love using a rucksack as I carry so much stuff and it's easy to just throw everything in and sling it over my shoulder. Mine is from Primark and I love the distressed effect the leather look gives. A few essentials in my bag that are generic to most women's bags are my phone, ipod, umbrella and a pack of Strepsils, because you never know when freshers flu might strike again!

As an English student I carry a lot of literature around with me, mostly coming from my reading list. Why do they have to make core textbooks so, so heavy? Aside from my course books I carry a notebook in case I get random inspiration and also a diary to know what I'm doing next. On the left is Impact, Nottingham Uni's student magazine which I always find a great read and handy to have in my bag for between lectures.

As a beauty blogger I like to stay looking fresh on campus but I also like a low maintenance daytime look so I only keep a few select products with me on campus. I have an oily complexion so I rely on Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder to keep shine at bay and if I have a lot of blemishes at the time I will keep a concealer with me. I adore the fruity scent of Boot's Natural Collection Wild Strawberry Body Spray for quick top ups between seminars. I have also found a new favourite in the Charles Worthington Shine Spray to give my hair a touch of oomph when it starts to look dull throughout the day. And last of all? It's all about the lips. I usually carry whatever lip gloss or lipstick I apply at the start of the day and this is the make up product that needs reapplying the most. I always find a Chapstick handy, especially in winter, just incase my lips get dry!

What is in your day-to-day bag?

Hope you've had a great weekend!

NG <3


Thursday, 10 October 2013


Amongst all the chaos of moving back to Nottingham, freshers week and settling back into the student way of life it seems I have neglected my blog, which I do apologise for. Now I'm coming to the end of my second week I'm finally settling back into a routine and am finding the time to blog again. It really has been too long.

 I took these pictures a couple of days ago, it's a typical uni outfit for me; all about practicality and warmth with my own little touches. Basically everything I'm wearing, bar the bag which was a gift, is from New Look. I didn't even realise this until typing this post but I really do love their pieces (clearly!) and they always seem to be a great fit.

I've been getting involved in some really great projects since I've been back at uni (i.e writing as much as physically possible) so I can't wait to share these with you at a later date!

Hope you are well!

NG <3


Saturday, 21 September 2013

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

Hey all! I apologise that this is a very brief post. Usually on fashion week posts I like to give a written round up of the shows but this week I've been so busy preparing to move into my uni house that I've barely had time to watch Suburgatory. But I do love London fashion week so I did want to feature it on my blog, even if it is short. So, readers, here are my favourite London fashion week shows of the Spring/Summer '14 season...

Holly Fulton

Burberry Prorsum

Topshop Unique

Mary Katrantzou

What was your favourite show of London fashion week S/S '14?

Regretfully, I must admit that over the next week I won't be able to post as my house does not yet have wi-fi but hopefully I will fix it as soon a possible and I look forward to catching up with you all when I log back on. In the meantime, have a great week!

NG <3


Monday, 16 September 2013

New York Fashion Week S/S 2014

Firstly, I apologise that this post is a little past its sell by date, as we are already well and truly into the swing of London fashion week. To be honest I've been typing and editing snippets of this post since fashion month began but I haven't had a chance to publish it as I've been rather busy packing up ready to move into my student house. But, late or not, New York fashion week is just too great to ignore. It's time to think about summer, about the colours that you'll be wearing, about the silhouettes that will be flattering your frame, and about the bikini that you will be sashaying around in (oh I do love a good bikini to 'sashay' in before I inevitably trip up). I am still considering what coat I will be purchasing for winter, let alone considering whether to go for a bandeau or halterneck bikini. But nevertheless, as always fashion is forward thinking so it's time to meet your future wardrobe.
Here are my top five shows of New York fashion week S/S '14...

Jenny Packham

Expectations are high when you count Kate Middleton as regular clientele. Jenny Packham is acclaimed for her breathtaking ballgowns but this season Packham gave her designs a retro spin with heavy influence from the 70s. But we're not talking peace signs and bell bottoms-we're talking Packham's grown-up, glamorous take on the 70s. More Studio 54 than Abba. The colour was focused on deep sapphire, sunshine yellow, pastel blue and earthy neutrals. The hair? Big. Hairspray is your best friend. Jenny Packham, I salute you, after all isn't life always better when you're walking on the sunshine?

Kate Spade

I have a confession; at heart I am undoubtedly a prep. Give me plaid, pink and peep toes and my inner Blair Waldorf is ecstatic. So it won't come as a surprise that I adored Kate Spade's S/S '14 show in all its candy crush hued creations. As fabulous as it was varied, Spade had all bases covered from 60s style shift dresses to the ultimate in laid-back chic; a pair of jeans splattered with every hue imaginable. So who is the Kate Spade girl this season? Well aside from a mandatory top knot and a bloody good bag it's all about ladylike glamour. If you can say yes to the question 'would Audrey Hepburn/ Sophia Loren/ Grace Kelly wear it', then buy it, and buy it preferably in the brightest colour available.

Jason Wu

A sure antidote to the vivid hues of Kate Spade and the whimsical delights of Jenny Packham? Enter Jason Wu. Colour was sparse, spare navy blue and gold but the prominent palette of Wu's show was monochrome; oh no, it's going anywhere and rightly so! But Wu added a fresh spin with innocent gingham, given an edge with sharp, structured cuts and unexpected details (note the strip across the chest area on the second outfit). The Wu girl is all about modernity; sleek, practical and powerful and the hair and makeup echo this.

Victoria Beckham

No designer quite masters office dressing like Victoria Beckham, and this isn't just a white shirt and black skirt. The key silhouette of Beckham's show was the flippy, skater skirt, in all its glorious, fabulous form. The fun, not to mention ridiculously flattering, skater is juxtaposed with crisp shirts and structured jumpers. But the fun doesn't end with a flared hemline, Beckham adds a twist with intense colours to brighten up the look. And what power dresser doesn't love hot pink?

Tory Burch

Ah, Tory Burch. How I do love your oh-so-sweet S/S '14 presentation. Any show that mixes lilacs, metallics and basket of flowers is fine by me.  I don't know whether it's the florals or the sorbet shades but this show has a whimsical, ethereal quality to it. How to offset such an angelic wardrobe? Mix it up with soft, flowing sex-bomb hair and earthy 'english rose' makeup.  Make the most of tartan this season while you still can.

What were your favourite shows of S/S 2014 in New York?

NG <3


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Makeup How To; Back to School/University

At school I always struggled to get my makeup just right and strike the balance between 'au natural English rose' and 'drag queen'. Ok, the drag queen part was a tad of an over exaggeration but I did find it a challenge to get a quick, easy and decent look. Even at uni forming a regular makeup routine for everyday is handy. This summer I've been playing around with a few more 'natural' makeup styles (although, I cannot forgo long lashes!) and wanted to share with you one of the looks that I have been wearing the most. It only takes about ten to fifteen minutes so when it comes to uni next year I'm sorted. Although, this is an optimistic view, in all honesty the snooze button will most likely be hit repeatedly until the time when I can hastily dress and just make it to a 9am lecture. A girl can dream though...

Step One; Prep skin by moisturising, followed by a primer. If you're feeling and looking extra sleepy (late nights will do that to a girl) then apply a soothing, re-energising cream under your eyes. I love the one from Soap and Glory. Then apply your chosen foundation, I'm using my trusty Clinique Stay Matte in 'Alabaster'. I always apply with my fingers in the morning to wake up skin and mostly for speed.
Step Two; Dust a light eyeshadow over your eyelid. I'm using the cream shade from the Clinqiue Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad.
 Step Three; Apply a light, messy line of brown kohl pencil above your lashline and use your fingers to blend the eyeliner in and make it looked a little 'lived-in'. I also used L'Oreal Super Liner Gelmatic in 'Black', applying it in the same way as the kohl liner and smudging it in. 

Step Four; Apply a good few layers of mascara to your top lashes and lightly press the mascara wand on your lower lashes for a few seconds to add length to them. I'm using Clinique High Impact Mascara in 'Black'.

Step Five; Apply Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer to blemishes and under the eyes before blending in. Finish by applying pressed powder to your face, paying particular attention to your t-zone. I'm using Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder.
Step Six; Yes this is a strange facial expression but sucking in your cheeks and applying a bronzer, like Benefit Coralista, to the the hollows of your cheeks, as shown, contours the face. I also apply a pink blush whilst smiling to bring out the apples of cheeks, followed by an illuminating powder, like 17's Shimmer Bricks.
Step Seven; Tame and shape your eyebrows briefly with a brow brush. Then finish the look with a subtle lip colour, such as Maybelline Colour Sensations in 'Pearly Pink'.

What  makeup do you rely on for your day-to-day makeup routine?

NG <3

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