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Saturday, 31 August 2013


Hey all! I hope you are having a great weekend so far. I honestly cannot believe that it is the beginning of Autumn tomorrow, not that I'm unexcited about it. After a long, long summer in England I must admit that I'm craving the touch of wool and a pair of worn, leather boots. September translates to students as a new year of education. I'm not starting back at university until the end of the month yet I do feel some sort of pivotal moment is happening at midnight for some reason, call me crazy. I feel as though I'm leaving behind a summer of memories for a brand new season of experiences. Does anyone else feel this sentimental about the changing of seasons?

Anyway on to the outfit post....

They're not the most amazing pictures as they were snapped quickly before I headed out and the lighting was not my friend!

I'm wearing a H&M jacket and shoes, New Look dress and Topshop earrings.

 Enjoy the rest of the weekend! What are you up to?

NG <3


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Blanc Noir

Monochrome's a big deal right? Or so I'm told by numerous magazines, bloggers, shop campaigns etc. So what better way to ironically embrace the trend than to wear a slogan top that reads 'blanc noir', the French translation of 'white/black'?

In all honesty though, I do love this top as a multi-seasonal piece and if you look closely you may notice that the writing is actually beaded which I think is a sweet, unique touch to a standard top.

I'm wearing a H&M jacket and shoes, River Island top, New Look jeans and Boohoo bag.

This weekend has actually been really busy (hence the lack of posts). In England it was bank holiday which basically means it was a three day weekend for most people. Not that it really applied to me, the lazy life of a student and all, but I still like to celebrate it anyway. On Saturday we held an intimate family party at my house followed by a cacthup with some friends I haven't seen for ages. The majority of Sunday was spent nursing a hangover but I did manage to force myself to get out of bed put some heels on and have a night out with a group of friends. So all in all a good weekend!

How did you spend your weekend?

NG <3


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Matte or Gloss?

One of the things I love most about make up is that it's so interchangeable. One day you could be working 60s Louis Vuitton S/S13 style lashes that would make even Twiggy jealous and the next day your as sultry as Mila Kunis thanks to Benefit's Smoky Eyes Kit. Lips are probably the element of my makeup that I change most from day to day because, quite frankly, they're the easiest to experiment with. I love trying different hues-corals, reds, pinks- and different finishes, i.e either solid matte or dewy gloss. I've read a lot about the great matte vs gloss debate and I just wanted to add my opinions on this beauty battle.


The Key Players; Obviously MAC. My other favourites? Maybelline and Rimmel.

Nothing is as mature and sophisticated as a striking, matte lip. A bold colour and a little finishing powder is all it takes. I like to think of the matte lip as a beauty equivalent of a Celine bag; classic, timeless and so, so powerful. In all honesty I avoided a matte finish until recently, believing that I was too young to pull it off and not look like I playing with my mum's make-up (trust me, I look 12 without eye makeup). I think university made me braver, god knows why, but I thought why not? When I used to wear matte lips I would feel so awkward but it was my attitude, not the finish that was the problem because the key to making a matte look work, besides the right colour for you, is confidence.


The Key Players; Bourjois, Clinique and Seventeen.

Lip gloss holds a common misconception that it should exclusively be in the arsenal of teenage girls and cheerleaders. Ok, so I am a teenage girl but even when I turn 20 in January I will refuse point blank to put down the lip gloss. And isn't it great that lip gloss is associated with youth? Isn't that the holy grail of the beauty world? To me lip gloss is playful and fun and is always my first choice for a night out. There's nothing I love more than bold smokey eyes finished off with a nude, glossy lip. I also love that light reflects off gloss making it glisten in summer!

Verdict; Honestly, I have to say may heart lies with gloss as I find it easier to wear than matte.
Gloss or matte; which has your vote?

NG <3


Monday, 19 August 2013

It's in the Bag

The Bag. So many phrases come from those two, minute and yet very powerful words. Hobo bag, tote bag, clutch bag, shopper, rucksack....all so different yet all so similar. Of course every bag starts out life with the same function-the practicality of carrying stuff; pens, make up, books, computers, and in my case screwed up receipts from months ago. I always find the start of Autumn a perfect time to invest in one; new season, new bag. At school I placed so much importance on selecting a bag, as being stuck in uniform that consisted mainly of black, a bag was my way to show individuality, to incorporate bold colours, patterns and prints into my wardrobe without getting detention (I seriously once got sent home for wearing biker boots), and most importantly, to reflect my inner Blair Waldorf. Well now I'm at university the uniform has changed but I think I will always take time to ponder over which bag I choose, especially as I am ridiculously picky when it comes to bag and shoe shopping. And so now we're nearly in September and the new season brings an influx of new stock, I must admit my inner schoolgirl is going a bit wild about this. I've chosen my top bags from the great British high street but the question is what bag will you sport for Autumn?

Left catwalk image; Prada. Right catwalk image; Miu Miu. Images from Go Runway.

1. ASOS Leather Vintage Style Backpack, £55

I adore the backpack-both for practical and aesthetical reasons- and boy do I adore this ASOS backpack. The Primark backpack I already own is very slouchy and has a worn effect so I like the structure of this bag and also the bright pop of red. I can't resist a bit of red whatever the month. 

2. Accessorize Stag Head Soft Barrel Bag, £45

If a bag defined a country girl wouldn't this be it? The earthy colours echo the natural landscapes of rural Britain and the gold stag's head adds a very expensive touch. I'm thinking a cosy hideaway in the Highlands, even if I am in the middle of Nottingham.

3. Topshop Tartan Mini Mary Satchel, £28

Satchels are probably my favourite bag shape ever. I just love the vintage feel and the preppy vibe they emit. What I love even more about this Topshop beauty is the tartan pattern of the bag, which of course references the punk trend that is ridiculously popular and weather appropriate for the upcoming winter. It may not big enough to fit my textbooks in but I don't care. For something this adorable I'll happily carry them anyway.

4. Boohoo Cordelia Structured Buckle Detail Shopper, £25

Ok, so as gorgeous as the Topshop Mini Mary Satchel is, I think come Wednesday of a week carrying my books around I may have the arms of Arnold Schwarzenegger so this bag is number one on my list of bags that are practical and stylish. It's roomy, polished and is a style that goes with anything, yes please.

5. River Island Orange Zip Base Contrast Panel Tote Bag, £45

It started with a nail polish, Rimmel Cocktail Collection in 'Shirley Temple' to be exact, but my attachment to orange is growing exponentially. This bag is an absolute dream; the vivid colour even on the dreariest days reminds me of a summer to come; the size and structure is perfect for carrying a lot but the rigid hold of the bag ensures that it keeps its shape, and even the details are intricately well thought out. Well, I've just pretty much sold it to myself, time to ring up the boss for some extra hours at work...

6. Topshop Leopard Shopper, £15

It's the rich colours and striking pattern that have caused my attention to be directed towards this inexpensive bag. As it is cotton it is lightweight, and although it isn't water resistant, when the sun is shining it's the perfect bag for fitting in all those essentials.

7. Zara Bucket Bag, £39.99

Classic yet edgy. Polished yet undone. This bag epitomises Zara's winning formula that is such a success in it's international stores. The bucket bag shape may not be considered as grown up as the conventional handbag but I adore it inspite of that and the metal detailing and colour make it so sophisticated.

Which bag would be your choice for A/W 2013?

NG <3


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Back to Basics

Sometimes there is nothing as lush as a simple outfit that lets the accessories take centre stage. I live for prints and bright colours but black really is the best colour for a blank canvas.

I'm wearing a Primark top, tights, cuff and shoes, River Island skirt, H&M necklace and the bag was a gift.

I've only just realised that next week it's A-level results day in the UK and I want to wish good luck to all of you who are getting your results on that day! I remember when I was in that position last year-I can honestly say I don't think those butterflies in my tummy have ever been livelier! And yes there were tears.  I can't believe that the year has gone so quickly as I can remember the day vividly even down to the suitcases under my eyes due to a sleepless night. Luckily I did better than I expected but it's important to remember that no matter what you get it's not the end of the world and there are so many options out there. And take it from me re-sits aren't a waste of time, in six months I managed to get one of my grades from a D to an A! So good luck to all and may you get all the success that you wish for.

Are you getting any results next week?

NG <3


Thursday, 8 August 2013

July Favourites

Wow, July. Sorry to sound a touch cliche but you flew by! It's that time again when I fill you in on my best products/pieces/literature/films of the previous month. Sometimes I consider not doing these posts anymore as this area of blogging is over saturated but I don't think I'll stop doing them purely for the fact that I have so much fun putting them together and revisiting the previous month. And because I never tire of reading them.

Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara

Now I've heard some mixed reviews about this cheap and cheerful product from Max Factor but I have to say it is a winner for me. Although I do hold the opinion that mascara is slightly similar to foundation, as in what works for one won't necessarily work for another. My mascara checklist is as follows;
  • Volume-and lots of it!
  • Length-even in the daytime I still love big lashes.
  • A product that's relatively clump-free.
To be honest for the price, £4.99, I wasn't expecting it to give me the bold lashes I craved but I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging is a lot less sleeker than the typical Max Factor products but at least it's easy to spot in your make up bag!

17 Back Lash Mascara

As you can tell I've been on a bit of mascara binge this month and to be honest the only reason I purchased this particular mascara was because it came with a free eyeliner! I don't think I've ever tried a 17 mascara before so to be honest I had indifferent expectations. It's a great mascara for subtle length and is not too OTT. Honestly, this is just a great back-to-basics mascara. Nowadays there's so many different formulas, brush shapes and effects so its refreshing to have a simple mascara that gives you a little length.

Sleek i-Divine Palette in 'Snapshots'

I'm no beauty wild-child but I do love a bright colour! What I love about this palette from Sleek is the variety of colours, from sugary pastels to vivid brights. The colours are highly pigmented and to be honest the only grumble that I have concerning this product is the Sleek administration and their customer services regarding faulty orders. The next time I purchase Sleek products it will definitely be in superdrug and not over the companies' website.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in '16'

This was my first ever Kate Moss lippie and I actually bought the shade by mistake, picking out the wrong number. And, boy I'm glad I did. It's not a colour I'd usually go for, and is quite peachy and fluorescent but to be honest but it worked so well even with my pale complexion-especially when teamed with smoky eyes! It's not the longest lasting colour but I do love the creamy consistency and to be honest I'm won over 100% by the shade.

Blue/Turquoise/Green Rings

There's something about the colours blue and green in summer. They just automatically take my mind to a refreshing, aqua coast in the Mediterranean, even on the gloomiest of days. I found what I've been incorporating my new favourite colour into the most is accessories, particularly rings. These are my two favourite ones at the moment, the one on the left was from a holiday and the one on the left I got from Accesorize years ago as a gift.

Bag, a gift

One of my favourite places to shop or receive gifts from is far away destinations because you know you're really getting a unique piece. My parents got me this from Tunisia and it, quite literally, has not left my arm this month. Dark brown is my favourite colour for bags and I love the glossy finish of the leather.

Warm Bodies

At the start of July I was left in sole charge of a house and a dog, I think it was secretly my parents way of forcing me to live more independently, whilst they jetted off to Africa. So what did I do? Probably the opposite of what your standard 19 year old would do (i.e many parties, even more alcohol), and went to Blockbuster and rented a stack of movies to catch up on. Yes, it was all very thrilling, I can assure you. My favourite film I watched of the month, and probably the year, was Warm Bodies, the zombie romance (yes, really) starring the deliciously brooding Nicholas Hoult and my new girl crush Teresa Palmer. So the whole vampire/ human love story has been done, as has the werewolf (I'm looking at you Mr Lautner)/ human/vampire love triangle. So it was inevitable that a zombie romance would arise from the grave. And, surprisingly, it  worked. Sure, a zombie can't exactly work the rugged good looks of Damon Salvatore, but it was actually a really sweet, well-thought out plot with characters that were likable, and SMILED. Even the zombie.

Elle Magazine

If you are a regular reader you will know that for me Elle is the one. It's an inspiring, thought-provoking magazine (the world's best selling fashion magazine, nonetheless). A couple of months ago Elle had a 'digital-age' makeover and to be honest I wasn't impressed. I'm not the biggest fan of change. But now the magazine has had several issues to warm up their new layout and I have to say I love the change now even more so than the original layout.

What have been your July favourites?

NG <3


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Catch Up Cuppa

It's been a while since I've written a post so I've decided to pour a cup of hot chocolate (yes, I am a Brit that does not appreciate tea) and fill you in on what I've been up to for the past two weeks....

1. In an ideal world I'd tell you that I've been absent as I've been sailing round the Caribbean in a charted yacht. But in reality, I've been working. Yes, it's more cinders pre-ball. I have allowed myself some fun on my days off though, travelling up to Flamingo Land, a theme park in north Yorkshire. I'm no adrenaline junkie but I did force myself to grit my teeth and try out the world's steepest roller coaster. I'd love to tell you that the picture featured of me looking particularly beautiful in 1 was on said roller coaster but I have to admit it was on a less scary one. At least it gave my family and friends a laugh.

2. 3. Last week I spent such a lovely day having a catch up with Momma Gregson. Sometimes there's nothing as nice as having a girly day-especially if it's with someone you can REALLY rely on to tell you if your arse looks big in those jeans. Even better? An alfresco lunch, especially if it includes sunshine, burgers and wine followed a H&M fest. In the words of Charlie Sheen, WIN.

4. Don't you just love a good catchup with friends? The ones where you don't see each other that often but within minutes of meeting up it's like you're back in the sixth form common room? A highlight of this summer has been catching up with my closest friends, which is sometimes extremely difficult to do when you live hundreds of miles apart. I can't wait to get back to university though and catchup with my friends there!

And now? Currently I'm watching GG repeats whilst resting my ankle-apparently I'm not used to 8 hour shifts. Excuses, excuses.

I'd love to know what you've been up to!

NG <3 

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