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Thursday, 8 August 2013

July Favourites

Wow, July. Sorry to sound a touch cliche but you flew by! It's that time again when I fill you in on my best products/pieces/literature/films of the previous month. Sometimes I consider not doing these posts anymore as this area of blogging is over saturated but I don't think I'll stop doing them purely for the fact that I have so much fun putting them together and revisiting the previous month. And because I never tire of reading them.

Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara

Now I've heard some mixed reviews about this cheap and cheerful product from Max Factor but I have to say it is a winner for me. Although I do hold the opinion that mascara is slightly similar to foundation, as in what works for one won't necessarily work for another. My mascara checklist is as follows;
  • Volume-and lots of it!
  • Length-even in the daytime I still love big lashes.
  • A product that's relatively clump-free.
To be honest for the price, £4.99, I wasn't expecting it to give me the bold lashes I craved but I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging is a lot less sleeker than the typical Max Factor products but at least it's easy to spot in your make up bag!

17 Back Lash Mascara

As you can tell I've been on a bit of mascara binge this month and to be honest the only reason I purchased this particular mascara was because it came with a free eyeliner! I don't think I've ever tried a 17 mascara before so to be honest I had indifferent expectations. It's a great mascara for subtle length and is not too OTT. Honestly, this is just a great back-to-basics mascara. Nowadays there's so many different formulas, brush shapes and effects so its refreshing to have a simple mascara that gives you a little length.

Sleek i-Divine Palette in 'Snapshots'

I'm no beauty wild-child but I do love a bright colour! What I love about this palette from Sleek is the variety of colours, from sugary pastels to vivid brights. The colours are highly pigmented and to be honest the only grumble that I have concerning this product is the Sleek administration and their customer services regarding faulty orders. The next time I purchase Sleek products it will definitely be in superdrug and not over the companies' website.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in '16'

This was my first ever Kate Moss lippie and I actually bought the shade by mistake, picking out the wrong number. And, boy I'm glad I did. It's not a colour I'd usually go for, and is quite peachy and fluorescent but to be honest but it worked so well even with my pale complexion-especially when teamed with smoky eyes! It's not the longest lasting colour but I do love the creamy consistency and to be honest I'm won over 100% by the shade.

Blue/Turquoise/Green Rings

There's something about the colours blue and green in summer. They just automatically take my mind to a refreshing, aqua coast in the Mediterranean, even on the gloomiest of days. I found what I've been incorporating my new favourite colour into the most is accessories, particularly rings. These are my two favourite ones at the moment, the one on the left was from a holiday and the one on the left I got from Accesorize years ago as a gift.

Bag, a gift

One of my favourite places to shop or receive gifts from is far away destinations because you know you're really getting a unique piece. My parents got me this from Tunisia and it, quite literally, has not left my arm this month. Dark brown is my favourite colour for bags and I love the glossy finish of the leather.

Warm Bodies

At the start of July I was left in sole charge of a house and a dog, I think it was secretly my parents way of forcing me to live more independently, whilst they jetted off to Africa. So what did I do? Probably the opposite of what your standard 19 year old would do (i.e many parties, even more alcohol), and went to Blockbuster and rented a stack of movies to catch up on. Yes, it was all very thrilling, I can assure you. My favourite film I watched of the month, and probably the year, was Warm Bodies, the zombie romance (yes, really) starring the deliciously brooding Nicholas Hoult and my new girl crush Teresa Palmer. So the whole vampire/ human love story has been done, as has the werewolf (I'm looking at you Mr Lautner)/ human/vampire love triangle. So it was inevitable that a zombie romance would arise from the grave. And, surprisingly, it  worked. Sure, a zombie can't exactly work the rugged good looks of Damon Salvatore, but it was actually a really sweet, well-thought out plot with characters that were likable, and SMILED. Even the zombie.

Elle Magazine

If you are a regular reader you will know that for me Elle is the one. It's an inspiring, thought-provoking magazine (the world's best selling fashion magazine, nonetheless). A couple of months ago Elle had a 'digital-age' makeover and to be honest I wasn't impressed. I'm not the biggest fan of change. But now the magazine has had several issues to warm up their new layout and I have to say I love the change now even more so than the original layout.

What have been your July favourites?

NG <3



  1. The sleek palette looks great!! xx

  2. Love love love the Kate Moss lipsticks! Great post :)
    Lydia Rose

  3. Your parents jetted off to Africa? How exciting! Stacks of movies is also exciting!

  4. Great post!
    Have a nice day pretty:)

  5. I really like that Almay blue eyes mascara. It really works for me and leaves a cool glitter after effect. :)

  6. Ooh, loving this post, Natasha! I am all about the eyes when it comes to makeup, so I loved learning about these mascaras! :)

  7. I have the same Sleek palette and I love it!
    It's alaways nice to pop a bit of colour in every now and then :)
    Also love the rings! Something I would personally go for too.
    Chanelle Jade

  8. I have actually been thinking about switching things up in the mascara department - I might have to try the Max Factor one. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great post!
    I love all of your picks!
    And i can't wait to get the Kate Moss lipstick!

    from La Dolce Moda

  10. - Woooow the Sleek palett looks great ;)

  11. i love this kind of posts! They are very useful for who reads them by the way! :)

    International Giveaway - You can win a gift card worth $80 to spend on Persunmall! Good luck :)

  12. Wow, we're on the same page about so many thing! :) I love how you explained the differences on mascaras, I can't tell you how many times I bought mascaras on bloggers recommendations and felt I had thrown money down the drain! I'm also a mega fan o ELLE, it's definitely my favourite. I find VOGUE way too conceptual for me, ELLE's got the perfect mix of high fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Love it! xx

  13. Its beautiful. Nice pict <3
    I wait for you on my blog

  14. Love the rings, and I've heard such good things about the Sleek palettes... I want one! xx

  15. Can't beat Sleek palettes: they're super affordable and the colour pay off is fantastic!

    I hear you on the 17 mascara. I purchased 17's falsifye? Can't remember the exact name but it did not give me that false lash look. You could barely tell it was on. What a big fat fail!


  16. Such sweet picks! Now I must try the Kate Moss lippy! Oh..and Teresa is such a wonderful actress. Loved Nic in Warm Bodies, too!

  17. Awesome reviews! Beautiful bag!

  18. great post!! will definitely have to try out that max factor mascara :) so cute i love your rings! and that bag your parents got you is fabulous!

  19. i love love those rings! i need more blue things in my life!

    lindsey louise

  20. Great picks! :) I'm always on the hunt for good mascaras so I will have to keep those in mind if we have them here.

    I just "discovered" how amazing those Kate Moss lipsticks are. I bought one in the black packaging and absolutely love the packaging and subtle smell. I decided to buy another one but this time in the red packaging and unfortunately didn't like it as much.


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