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Monday, 19 August 2013

It's in the Bag

The Bag. So many phrases come from those two, minute and yet very powerful words. Hobo bag, tote bag, clutch bag, shopper, rucksack....all so different yet all so similar. Of course every bag starts out life with the same function-the practicality of carrying stuff; pens, make up, books, computers, and in my case screwed up receipts from months ago. I always find the start of Autumn a perfect time to invest in one; new season, new bag. At school I placed so much importance on selecting a bag, as being stuck in uniform that consisted mainly of black, a bag was my way to show individuality, to incorporate bold colours, patterns and prints into my wardrobe without getting detention (I seriously once got sent home for wearing biker boots), and most importantly, to reflect my inner Blair Waldorf. Well now I'm at university the uniform has changed but I think I will always take time to ponder over which bag I choose, especially as I am ridiculously picky when it comes to bag and shoe shopping. And so now we're nearly in September and the new season brings an influx of new stock, I must admit my inner schoolgirl is going a bit wild about this. I've chosen my top bags from the great British high street but the question is what bag will you sport for Autumn?

Left catwalk image; Prada. Right catwalk image; Miu Miu. Images from Go Runway.

1. ASOS Leather Vintage Style Backpack, £55

I adore the backpack-both for practical and aesthetical reasons- and boy do I adore this ASOS backpack. The Primark backpack I already own is very slouchy and has a worn effect so I like the structure of this bag and also the bright pop of red. I can't resist a bit of red whatever the month. 

2. Accessorize Stag Head Soft Barrel Bag, £45

If a bag defined a country girl wouldn't this be it? The earthy colours echo the natural landscapes of rural Britain and the gold stag's head adds a very expensive touch. I'm thinking a cosy hideaway in the Highlands, even if I am in the middle of Nottingham.

3. Topshop Tartan Mini Mary Satchel, £28

Satchels are probably my favourite bag shape ever. I just love the vintage feel and the preppy vibe they emit. What I love even more about this Topshop beauty is the tartan pattern of the bag, which of course references the punk trend that is ridiculously popular and weather appropriate for the upcoming winter. It may not big enough to fit my textbooks in but I don't care. For something this adorable I'll happily carry them anyway.

4. Boohoo Cordelia Structured Buckle Detail Shopper, £25

Ok, so as gorgeous as the Topshop Mini Mary Satchel is, I think come Wednesday of a week carrying my books around I may have the arms of Arnold Schwarzenegger so this bag is number one on my list of bags that are practical and stylish. It's roomy, polished and is a style that goes with anything, yes please.

5. River Island Orange Zip Base Contrast Panel Tote Bag, £45

It started with a nail polish, Rimmel Cocktail Collection in 'Shirley Temple' to be exact, but my attachment to orange is growing exponentially. This bag is an absolute dream; the vivid colour even on the dreariest days reminds me of a summer to come; the size and structure is perfect for carrying a lot but the rigid hold of the bag ensures that it keeps its shape, and even the details are intricately well thought out. Well, I've just pretty much sold it to myself, time to ring up the boss for some extra hours at work...

6. Topshop Leopard Shopper, £15

It's the rich colours and striking pattern that have caused my attention to be directed towards this inexpensive bag. As it is cotton it is lightweight, and although it isn't water resistant, when the sun is shining it's the perfect bag for fitting in all those essentials.

7. Zara Bucket Bag, £39.99

Classic yet edgy. Polished yet undone. This bag epitomises Zara's winning formula that is such a success in it's international stores. The bucket bag shape may not be considered as grown up as the conventional handbag but I adore it inspite of that and the metal detailing and colour make it so sophisticated.

Which bag would be your choice for A/W 2013?

NG <3



  1. I quite like the Zara bucket bag, mainly because I don't have any similar style in my collection.

  2. Number 5 is gorgeous. Now time to justify a new bag...

  3. I like the Accessorise bag, they always do such different designs, its nice to see a more neutral one :) xx

    Trial and Error Beauty

  4. I love #3 and #5. I just got a backpack recently and man does it make me feel like a kid again.

  5. what great picks! we'd have to say that the bucket bag is our favourite!

  6. That's crazy you got sent home for biker boots! At least now you're free of such rules. That tartan topshop bag is definitely going on my wish list :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  7. The third bag is by far my favorite!

  8. What amazing picks! Love your Monday post. I always want to go with plaid for fall. So many choices..I'd want more than one.

  9. I so love the pink one. These are all great bags!

  10. The Zara bag, I can't even cope with how lovely it is!
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  11. I'm kind of in love with that backpack {# 1} - there's something very punk rock-ish about the color! :)

  12. I am a bit of a bag collector, so every season is a new exciting opportunity to get a few new pieces. Number 2, 3, 4 and 7 are my favs!Thank you for your visit sweetie, have a great Tuesday!

  13. I've been eyeing that Zara bucket bag! Well, actually the one I've REALLY been eyeing is the LV Noe, but i kinda need money for food too, so Zara it is! haha xx

  14. Love the pink! It seems I have every color in my bag wardrobe but that

  15. I always seem to have too many bags haha, i cant possibly wear them all. it's a sickness. though i DEFINITELY love the stylish little backpack bags. I'd definitely get on board for getting more of those ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  16. I like the Zara one !

  17. That ASOS leather backpack! *_* omg I need this in my life!


  18. I love your choice. So want a leather backpack. Great post!

  19. Excellent picks! I am a satchel and tote type of lady. I always need a bag big enough to carry flats in case I need to change shoes during work week or travelling. :) /Madison

  20. I have a a very 'bohemian' looking hobo bag which i bought in Spain recently and thats what im planning on using for college since it's quite big and will go with my art student look. ;)


  21. Love bag #4 immensely! haha!


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