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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Hot Lips

When it comes to daytime make-up, although my look is less dramatic than at the night, I'm not one to shy away from experimentation. In regards to eye make-up I tend to go for the same colours, but when it comes to lipstick and gloss I like to mix it up playing with different hues and finishes. Here are my favourite daytime lip products from my collection...

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 'Tantalizing Taupe'.

This is the newest lipstick to my collection. The colour is very natural and low-key for daytime, yet the shimmery, matte finish gives a touch of sophistication. I prefer to team this nude colour with quite dark eye make-up, so to allow this to take focal point, whilst still having a subtle flush of colour.

Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm in 'Plushest Punch'.

This bright, fuchsia shade is probably the most vibrant of my selected daytime colours. The best thing about this product is it's versatile; you can build up the colour to create an intense look, or dab the chubby stick lightly on the lips for a more toned-down look. Plus the balm has moisturising properties, meaning it's a great product to use for the long term.

Seventeen Lip Lustre in 'Talk That Talk'.

This lip gloss offers a peachy shimmer to lips, making them seem more voluminous. It can be a little sticky, but as an inexpensive gloss it's a great product. I often layer this over matte lipstick to give a hint of gloss.

Rimmel Kate Lipstick in '16'.

This is by far one of my favourite lip colours yet. I actually bought this by accident, mistaking it for another colour, and I can honestly say I'm so glad I did. The colour is a pink shade, with coral undertones that is perfect for spring and summer months! The texture is very creamy and this lipstick works well with many different make-up looks.

Rimmel Apocolips in 'Luna'.

It's the colour of this lip gloss that has won me over. It's a highly-pigmented, peachy shade that brings a brings a fresh, unexpected twist when adding colour into your 'daytime' make-up collection. I also love the glossy finish.

What are your go-to products for daytime?

NG <3

Thursday, 20 March 2014


When I saw the first 'nominations' I was very sceptical as to whether not this overnight trend was actually helping at all. I should probably explain before I go further. In the UK, many women are taking selfies of themselves with no makeup on, and posting the pictures on social media sites. Why? It's all for charity. Originally my thoughts were 'surely they're not getting people to sponsor them' and 'how exactly is this helping?', but as the phenomenon has increased, so too have my positive perceptions of the campaign. The idea is that when you get 'nominated', and post your picture online, you are responsible for donating the small amount of £3 to Cancer Research UK via text. This does not seem like a lot of money, but when you consider that over £1 million was raised in 24 hours due to these text donations, it is an astonishingly successful campaign.

You may ask 'why not just donate the money anyway?' but the #nomakeupselfie hashtag is getting people talking, and is partly a reason why this has become so successful. Whilst going make-up free is hardly an amazing feat, it's something that catches your eye when scrolling through a generic series of posts on your news feed. It's something that every woman can do, and the fact that you donate yourself and it's not a sponsorship means not having to rely on others for their donations, making this a much more quicker and easy way to give to charity.

I can understand people's criticism regarding this trend, but surely anything that spreads awareness and raises money for a good cause is a positive thing, no matter how small the effort or donation. I've bared all-now it's your turn!

NG <3

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Search for a Spring Jacket

The course of finding the perfect Spring jacket never did run smoothly. This is a very hard lesson I am currently learning. I feel like I should invest (if you can consider a £30 coat and investment) in a new key item for Spring; the jacket. If there is one thing I should advise it is don't have anything in mind. Now I just need to learn to take my own advice...

This Topshop biker jacket (left, £60) is a beauty. I can't resist a bit of shearling and the effortless, laid-back cut of the collar is perfect for a spot of nonchalance edge, yet the indigo wash gives it a bit of a Spring update. The problem? The price.

Again this ASOS trench coat (centre, £60) is perfect on paper; the tan colour, the sixties inspired cut, the lightweight material but it's double my budget. It's just so pretty though, I mean, do I really need that Shakespeare textbook...

This go-with-everything number from Boohoo (right, £40) is slightly more on budget. I love the relaxed style and the navy colour as an alternative to black. I must say I do love the shirt and jumper combo underneath though, maybe it's a sign this jacket is for me...

Help me out please guys; which one is your favourite?

NG <3

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Crazy for you

Is it really possible to beat such a wonderful item as a multi-seasonal piece? When taking these shots I originally thought that I had not posted this playsuit on the blog before but I was wrong, I actually did last July, during a heatwave. I've swapped the wedges for brogues and bare legs for tights.

 I'm wearing a New Look coat, brogues and bag, H! by Henry Holland playsuit and Primark tights.
Sorry I haven't posted much lately, I left my camera at home which was really annoying (these pictures were even taken on an iPhone!) but now I've retrieved it so expect more outfit posts coming your way!
NG <3


Sunday, 2 February 2014

Baby, it's (still) cold outside

I don't care what they say; it is most definitely NOT Spring in the UK. Ever since 26th December stores have been inundated with florals, pastels and macs. As much as I love a piece of the Spring pie, leaving the house without a woolly coat is simply not an option in this (so far) bitterly cold year. The sales have been, well and truly, picked over now but luckily I've managed to find a few pieces, reduced and new season that are appropriate for winter and the transition into Spring...

An umbrella is mandatory in the UK unless you want to end up looking like a drowned rat (or cat, given the brolly?), so I love the concept of making such a boring, functional piece fun and quirky. Sure, it's a little more then what I would usually pay for an umbrella (hello Primark!) but it's just too adorable not to.
I try to avoid midi skirts at all costs given my short legs, but I must admit I am so tempted by this Dorothy Perkins beauty. I'm sure you're aware that tartan is 'a thing' this season, so if you have a particular interest in following trends this skirt is perfect, both aesthetically and for keeping you warm.
My love affair with loafers, brogues and any footwear that looks androgynous continues. The soft, feminine colour and tassel detail contrasts with the basic shape of the shoe. Buy now, wear now.
Yes they are pricey but think of them as an investment;
  1. They have just under £100 off.
  2. They will be great quality so will last as long as probably three pairs of cheap boots.
  3. They go with EVERYTHING.
I'm sold. If only it were student loan day today and rent wasn't due...
I love the cut of these jeans and the casual-yet-sophisticated silhouette they create. Of course jeans are a winner in winter but the loose fit and light colour of these jeans make them an excellent pre-spring purchase.
The effortless way that this jacket falls is enough to convince me that this is a key, budget piece. Complementing the cut, the black and white checked pattern radiates a nonchalance rebellious attitude-perfect for crisp, winter days and cool, spring evenings.
As soon as I saw this I headed for the changing room and proceeded to the tills, debit card in hand. The fabric is lightweight so I wouldn't advise wearing it alone on a cold day but the sleeves can be adjusted, so you have the option to roll the sleeves up for a warmer day, making it an ideal transitional piece.
A scarf, come autumn, winter, spring and even summer (thank you Great British weather!), is a key piece in my wardrobe. Over the years my obsession has grown from borrowing one of my mum's scarves every so often to not being able to leave Primark or New Look without one. This scarf looks super cosy and the pattern is bold enough to brighten any simple outfit up.
I don't think I've ever seen such a toasty looking jumper as this. When you live in student housing you soon realise that the humble jumper is your best friend. I can just imagine wearing black skinny jeans and Chelsea boots with this on a cold day, and a black miniskirt come Spring.

Keep Warm!

NG <3


Monday, 20 January 2014


Alas, the coursework is in, the exams have been sat and my deadline week is officially over! It's been a stressful, emotional, exhausting, occasionally optimistic, mostly pessimistic week with some bizarre statistics;

  • 1 birthday party with a very painful game of musical bumps
  • 0 pre-3 AM bedtimes
  • 100495960493 words written
  • 1/2 of a bottle of wine (drank at 2am, out of the bottle, no less)
  • 2857 gallons of caffeine consumed
  • 1 stress-fuelled Boohoo order
  • 3 Ginsters steak slices
  • 2 all nighters
  • 1 day where revision was abandoned to go shopping which resulted in 1 Benefit purchase (it was my birthday!)
And now? I'm making the most of Netflix before the next semester begins on Monday. Good luck if you still have exams!

NG <3

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Face; 2013

2013. Last year. Oh, gosh that sounds scary, but then again I am one of those people who still write and scribble out last year, when writing the date in March. 2013 was a great year for me, in regards to finding reliable make-up products that I stuck with permanently. Chances are, I have probably raved on about these beauties before on NG but honestly, these products have seen me helpfully through 2013 and it would be a disservice not to compile a list of my beauty heroes from last year.

Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Makeup Foundation

Probably my most used product of 2013, I discovered this product by chance when browsing online and have never looked back since. I use the shade 'alabaster', the second palest shade available. The foundation's formula is ideal if you have oily or combination skin as it has a matte finish, yet astonishingly, it still has a lightweight feel and avoids the dreaded 'cake' that is a side effect of so many matte products. I find the foundation to be long-lasting, although I would advise wearing a powder also to keep the foundation in place. The only downside is it's a little on the expensive side. I must admit, no matter how skint I am foundation is the one beauty luxury I will always allow myself!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

I bought this concealer after seeing Tanya Burr use it in a tutorial.
I am surprised at just how long the small tube lasts, I bought this one months ago and it's still going strong. The method of application reminds me of a lipgloss wand, which I like better than concealer brushes as I believe it makes for an easier and more precise application. I also found that, rather than  rubbing in this product to cover blemishes, it is more effective to dab your finger over the blemish, after you have applied the concealer so it targets the blemish itself and not the skin around it. Easy to apply, great coverage (especially of dark circles) and long lasting. What more could I ask for in a concealer?

L'Oreal Super Liner Brow Artist Pencil

This year, in the beauty world, eyebrows have been big, literally. I have always liked to have thick brows but this was the year I started filling my brows subtly in. This product is a multi-tasker. The pencil (I use the shade 'Blonde') fills in eyebrows and the shades are excellent as they are tailored to your hair colour, meaning you won't choose a shade too light or dark (I must say though, I haven't seen any shades for redheads, which is a shame). The brush allows for shaping and tidying the brows, and then finally the wax finishes brows by fixing them in place. What's not to love?

Sleek 'Mirrored Pink' Blush

2013 was the year I discovered Sleek. Despite some terrible customer service on the website, it has not put me off the brand (although, I will only purchase IN store now!). This blush in the shade 'mirrored pink', may just be my favourite blush colour I have encountered so far. The shade is a shimmering rose-gold pink, that not only colours, but highlights. The packaging even has a mirror in it for application on the go.

Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Volumising Mascara

I was surprised at how great this product was, given the price. I am a sucker for wanting big, long, voluminous lashes and this little budget buy did give me the effect I wanted. The brush is an hourglass shape, which enhances the volumising effect of this mascara. The packaging isn't what I would expect from Max Factor, it's a lot less sleek and sophisticated than their other mascaras, but at £4.99, let's face it, does the packaging really make a difference? A firm makeup bag favourite!

And other favourites of the year?

Haircare Product-Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray
Nail Polish-Essie Polish 'Naughty Nautical'
High-Street Store- New Look/H&M/ River Island (I couldn't choose!)
Television Show- Revenge
Album- Vampire Weekend-Modern Vampires of the City

What were your favourite products of 2013?

NG <3


Saturday, 4 January 2014


Firstly, a very happy new year! I hope that this year brings you joy and success, and that you had a fabulous time bringing 2014 in (it feels so strange writing 2014). If I'm honest, I had probably the quietest new years yet and part of me is kinda glad I didn't go out. The run up to Christmas this year was so hectic, especially with the new puppy and the house being decorated, so I just wanted to sit back with a glass of cava and chill. How did you celebrate?

With the start of a new year, comes new year's resolutions. I have a love/hate relationship with them. On one hand I relish in making a long list of promises to myself, in an attempt to kick start a new lifestyle, yet at the same time I am so cynical when it comes to keeping them. Take, for instance, the phrase 'new year, new me', for me, it's a load of rubbish. You can't and won't change who you are. So I propose a new tag line; 'NEW YEAR, BETTER ME'. And that's what I aim to do this year, be the best version of myself that I can be (well, to a certain extent-I'll never be able to wave goodbye to cupcakes and 'bad' carbs, nom nom).

I suppose my main resolution for this year is a broad one; to be happy, healthy and live life to the fullest. It scares me that I'm already half way through my degree, so this year I want to embrace it more, before it's too late and be grateful for every opportunity given to me. In terms of being healthy, the latter end of last year wasn't amazing for me in that respect. I seemed to have a continual succession of flu, and despite medical tests showing everything was fine, I think I can pinpoint the trigger exactly; my lifestyle. Before, I hardly got any exercise, lived off noodles and chocolate and had a very lazy attitude. So this year, it's time for a change. More fruit and veg-student living is no excuse for such bad habits. At uni I have gained weight, I'm not exactly overweight, but if I'm truthful, my weight at the moment doesn't bother me, rather it's the sluggish, unhealthy feeling I hate. I want to be fit again and feel strong. But not to the detriment of my sweet tooth-life's too short to not enjoy treats every now again, but I'm trying to not make it as regular as I did last year. Fingers crossed...

What are your hopes for 2014?

NG <3

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