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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Baby, it's (still) cold outside

I don't care what they say; it is most definitely NOT Spring in the UK. Ever since 26th December stores have been inundated with florals, pastels and macs. As much as I love a piece of the Spring pie, leaving the house without a woolly coat is simply not an option in this (so far) bitterly cold year. The sales have been, well and truly, picked over now but luckily I've managed to find a few pieces, reduced and new season that are appropriate for winter and the transition into Spring...

An umbrella is mandatory in the UK unless you want to end up looking like a drowned rat (or cat, given the brolly?), so I love the concept of making such a boring, functional piece fun and quirky. Sure, it's a little more then what I would usually pay for an umbrella (hello Primark!) but it's just too adorable not to.
I try to avoid midi skirts at all costs given my short legs, but I must admit I am so tempted by this Dorothy Perkins beauty. I'm sure you're aware that tartan is 'a thing' this season, so if you have a particular interest in following trends this skirt is perfect, both aesthetically and for keeping you warm.
My love affair with loafers, brogues and any footwear that looks androgynous continues. The soft, feminine colour and tassel detail contrasts with the basic shape of the shoe. Buy now, wear now.
Yes they are pricey but think of them as an investment;
  1. They have just under £100 off.
  2. They will be great quality so will last as long as probably three pairs of cheap boots.
  3. They go with EVERYTHING.
I'm sold. If only it were student loan day today and rent wasn't due...
I love the cut of these jeans and the casual-yet-sophisticated silhouette they create. Of course jeans are a winner in winter but the loose fit and light colour of these jeans make them an excellent pre-spring purchase.
The effortless way that this jacket falls is enough to convince me that this is a key, budget piece. Complementing the cut, the black and white checked pattern radiates a nonchalance rebellious attitude-perfect for crisp, winter days and cool, spring evenings.
As soon as I saw this I headed for the changing room and proceeded to the tills, debit card in hand. The fabric is lightweight so I wouldn't advise wearing it alone on a cold day but the sleeves can be adjusted, so you have the option to roll the sleeves up for a warmer day, making it an ideal transitional piece.
A scarf, come autumn, winter, spring and even summer (thank you Great British weather!), is a key piece in my wardrobe. Over the years my obsession has grown from borrowing one of my mum's scarves every so often to not being able to leave Primark or New Look without one. This scarf looks super cosy and the pattern is bold enough to brighten any simple outfit up.
I don't think I've ever seen such a toasty looking jumper as this. When you live in student housing you soon realise that the humble jumper is your best friend. I can just imagine wearing black skinny jeans and Chelsea boots with this on a cold day, and a black miniskirt come Spring.

Keep Warm!

NG <3

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