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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Flat Note

At 5'2", I am undeniably a 'short arse'. There is a common misconception that if you are short you must wear heels at all times, which I am totally against. Don't get me wrong, I love heels as much as a TOWIE extra, but sometimes five-inchers just aren't practical. Take, for instance, when on campus. There is no way I would make it to a 9am lecture if I was tottering around in heels. So, just in time for Christmas, I've compiled a montage of my favourite high street flats this Winter...

NG <3



  1. I'm an inch shorter than you and I wear heels all the time... but not when travelling! 3 and 5 look nice.

  2. YES, short girls rejoice! :-) I'm 5'1 and I CANNOT, for the life of me, wear heels everyday. I totally agree how difficult it is to race to your lectures in four-inch wedges... I remember the first day of school this semster, I had a 8AM class and attempted to my heels and by the end of that class, my feet were DEAD from just walking to the building. Never again hehe!

    Though I do find heel boots MUCH more comfier and easier to walk in then heels/wedges itself! :) I would definitely recommend those.

    I absolutely love your picks! The leopard pair from ALDO is probably my fave, hehe. And I am in looovee with the New Look brogues. Totally wish we had a New Look here in the US!

    You've got such a lovely blog Natasha! :-) I'm your newest follower! Hoping we can stay in touch!

    ♥ Kelsey

  3. I'm short too & I like wearing heels but sadly can't walk in them! (NY resolution right there)

    I love this selection, snazzy flats can really switch up an outfit IMO!

    Sophie <3 soinspo

  4. I love the look of heels but it's flats all the way for me! I love the Mango tartan shoes you picked out xxx

  5. I've been confined to flats due to my pregnancy so I love this collage! In general I also like them but I am such a heel person....10 more weeks to go though!

  6. Hi sweety, so good to hear from you, how are your holiday preps going? I am very much a flats type of girl and these pairs are fabulous, want them all please! It was great hearing your views on my last post. Happy Holidays!


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