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Monday, 11 November 2013

Duck Egg

It may be my inner Blair Waldorf. Or it could possibly be my obsession with interior design on Pinterest. Whatever it is, my latest love is influenced by the wonderful world of home decor. Ever since summer I've fallen for the colour blue and its calming connotations and now my adoration has progressed even further; I want my bedroom in all its rose pink glory to be transformed into a blue haven. This is quite a drastic change for the 13 year old who swore to never have any other shade on her walls than pink (Elle Woods was my icon at the time).

My chosen shade is duck egg, a light, pastel blue. I find it so regal and when I see the shade I'm instantly reminded of Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette and Downton Abbey. The truth is though, seeing as I'm not actually living at home at the moment and only spend a few months a year away from my student dwelling in Nottingham, the transformation's on hold. All the more time for Pinterest inspiration I say!
So as an antidote for my craving blue, here are my top pastel blue style picks!

NG <3



  1. Love the colour and thanks for providing the name of it! Yes, very Blair!

  2. That IS a really pretty shade of blue! I never knew the name of it. I am always subconsciously drawn to blue as well (or green). I always like very particular shades of colors. I can never decide on a color for my bedroom. I tried pink but it was ugly and glossy-like. I now have yellow and part sapphire blue (weird combination but it kind of reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night, haha). I really like everything you've chosen here although I must admit I'm intimidated by blue eyeshadow. :)

  3. I love this colour too, it's so pretty! My cousin bought a coat in this colour and it's beautiful, may have to steal it! xxx

  4. Pastel blue is just gorgeous! so soft and sweet but makes a great impact! Would be perfect for a room color!


  5. Love this shade! That Essie polish looks beautiful :)


  6. I am obsessed with interior design on Pinterest too!!! I say go for it blue shades look so elegant!!!!

  7. One of my favorite colors!


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