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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Summer Resolutions

For me summer is a time of reinvention. Even more so than New Years day. I know, it's not exactly the conventional way of thinking. Each year at the turning of the year, millions flock to gyms and swear to never gossip again. I can't deny that I am one of those said people, but I find summer a more successful point of reinvention than the new year. Why? I could blame it on the hot weather, an inspiring holiday or the juicy brights that my eye spies when the sun is shining. But, frankly, I have no idea. I suppose I've known nothing else other than being a student and the luxury of full time education is that you actually have time in summer to sit down, relax and think.  And so, as a very personal post, I've decided to share with you my 'summer resolutions'.

This Summer I have...
  • Kick started my healthy eating plan at the start of four weeks into summer. I disagree with diets, I think finding confidence comes from a lifestyle change- and one where no foods groups are eliminated! I was subjected to the 'fresher's 14' curse (basically the average fresher gains 14lb in their first year of university) and I suppose having Dominoes on speed dial doesn't help. But one step at a time I'm working towards a healthier, happier me!
  • Posted on the blog consistently and focused on the content of my posts.
  • Kept myself active, trying new things. At University I got sooooo lazy. And I don't want to repeat that habit next year so I'm prepping myself for my second (and what I'm determined to make my best) year of uni!
  • Managed to get a job, albeit casual work, but it's a job nonetheless.    
This summer I will...
  • Get courageous and actually SUBMIT some of my writing. Good lord, I think I may need serious help on this one.
  • Continue making more youtube videos. Nerve wrecking? Yes. But I love connecting with you guys in a more visual medium.
  • Become a tennis ace, if you pardon the pun. 
  • Start clashing more prints and colours.
  •  Read whatever I want before the autumn semester reading list is issued. At the moment being able to read something that I choose to read if ridiculously refreshing.

Do you find summer motivational? If so what are your summer resolutions and what have you achieved already?                                  

NG <3



  1. You are very inspiring. That made me smile about the speed dial to Domino's.

  2. Love your summer pics. Oh..a good list. And I think keeping healthy is the key.

    All the best!!

  3. It is very hard to diet while at the uni. I think you look great!

  4. These are incredible resolutions!
    And it's so great to write them down..! You gave me so many good ideas!

    Great blog :) I love it! So inspiring!

    from La Dolce Moda

  5. Hi Natasha, thats a great pic of you! Congrats on getting through the first list of resolutions and I wish you the best with the rest!

  6. Congrats on keeping with your summer resolutions and good luck with your new ones! I find summer really motivational too!


  7. Your resolutions sound great, investing in yourself! The photos look very refreshing too! Best of luck in keeping all these! :)


  8. I have paid attention to eating my 5 a day and that has worked fine. Now that I am travelling it's a bit more challenging but my focus is still on it. That's a major one for someone who never ate fruits nor vegetables...

  9. Loving that beach coverup! Too cute!

    =) Brooke

  10. You look so adorbs in these pictures, Natasha! And hooray for summer resolutions! You MUST continue to make YouTube vids! :)

  11. You go girl!! I hope you keep these resolutions up. :) x

  12. What a great photo of you and that yummy cocktail, such wonderful beach shots! That sounds like a challenging but fun resolution list, good luck ;-) xoxo


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