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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Animal house

It would be nice to say that all my energy is currently concerned with preparing to exclaim "Toga, Toga, Toga!" (Animal House style), but sadly for the inner John Belushi in me, I can't say that's true. Well, not entirely true! As you can see below, a great deal of my time at the moment is devoted to my pre-arrival reading list for university, and this is about a third of the books I have to read. Boo!

Goodbye social life, hello Shakespeare!
  So that is my, albeit crappy, explanation for the few and far posts between this week. Don't get me wrong though, I'm so excited to be a fresher and live in a vibrant, cultural city with an amazing nightlife and atmosphere, all the while studying my fave, English! All I have to do is get through the Old English textbooks first, yay.

Last word, and don't worry I won't bore you with Old English, I just wanted to share these dazzling earrings from H&M with you. They do such great, affordable jewellery pieces that make stunning statement pieces to perk up an everyday outfit or simple LBD. I just love the clashing colours and, of course, they're sparkly girls!

Almost the weekend, keep going!

NG <3


  1. I have to say Natasha, I love reading your blog! Although they make me feel dumb with how good your English content is (but I like that I can rate your English style haha).
    Love it, and blog at uni, I will make time to read this!

    1. Thankyou :D I'll deffo be keeping up to date with your Uni escapades also!! <3

  2. What a list. You'll just have to create this fab cast while reading Beowolf.

    Some very fun colors in these earrings. Hope you have a splendid weekend!

  3. Hey sweety!
    I Love your blog! Following you via GFC, follow me back?


  4. Gah! So much reading material for the semester! At least the earrings are a bright point! :)

  5. Oooooo I want these earring please!!

  6. Nice earrings :)

  7. H&M have some amazing jewellery in at the moment! I treated my self to two pairs last week!

    Thanks for your comment too :) x


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