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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Date Night

Last night I cooked a meal. Well, I use the term 'cook' very loosely but I did put said dish in the oven so I suppose I can say I cooked a meal on a technicality. The truth in the matter is that I am a terrible cook, I think I blame my dad. He is somewhat of a culinary whizz and so I've never really had to fend for myself. Luckily I just sit down and await whatever Provincial dish is on the line up that day. I was lucky enough last year to be in catered halls at uni therefore food was not a worry. But next year? I'm living in my own house so unless I want to survive solely of tinned soup and the occasional pasta when the mood takes me, I need to start cooking. But last night was important, so last night wasn't the night to start.

Photo from my instagram @natashagregson
My boyfriend's birthday is coming up this week and my parents were away so I decided to throw a romantic 4-course dinner for him and I wanted everything to be perfect, so me cooking wasn't on the agenda for the night. The menu is was as follows;

Pre-meal nibbles; Ciabatta bread with an olive oil dip and cherry tomatoes. It was due to be served with balsamic vinegar also but the clever little chef I am I didn't check that we had any in the cupboard until five minutes before he arrived *FAIL NUMBER ONE*.

Starter; Lobster Bisque served with seeded bread rolls. Thanks the heavens for Baxter's tinned soup, the fact that I laughed when telling him what ingredients I put into the bisque kind of  gave my faux attempt away *FAIL NUMBER TWO*.

Main; Catalan chicken with potato wedges, with help from Sainsbury's bistro ready prepared meals. I nearly got away with it until he heard me popping the film lid *FAIL NUMBER THREE*.

Dessert; Chocolate souffle. Ok, it was fairly simple; remove the packaging and place the pot on the table but surprisingly *NO FAIL HERE*.

Onto the outfit of the night. In the tradition of sticking with fail-safe options for the night I went for a classic LBD.

The dress is from Boohoo, I believe it was only £15, and it's named 'Natasha'. Yes, that was partly the reason for my purchase. The picture isn't amazing quality but I only had limited time to take a few pictures before my boyfriend arrived. In terms of jewellery I opted for classic, delicate styles in silver to complement the dress. The necklace is by Jon Richard, the bracelet's a gift and the earrings were from Primark.

The hair and make-up was also fairly simple. I quickly curled my hair and ran serum though the ends before spraying hairspray on. Make-up wise I wore a slick of liquid eyeliner, slightly thickening the line above the lashes before applying a few coats of mascara and a layer of red lipstick on lips, although it looks pink on the picture!

I hope you are having a great weekend! I'd love to hear what have you been up to so far?

NG <3



  1. So cool that you have a dress named after you! Great that you got to have a romantic dinner together. Special events must be celebrated!

  2. You look so beautiful hun! Thats such a sweet idea that you planned this romantic date and if the food tasted good, than thats all that matters, right :)

  3. Well one thing's for sure: you definitely didn't fail on the outfit- you look gorgeous! :) I love that the name of the dress is Natasha- so cool!

    Sounds like it was a delicious meal and hopefully your bf enjoyed it (will he be making an appearance on the blog?) xx

  4. romantic. Love the dress and the makeups. Yes, I would definitely want short cuts on a very special dinner. Go you!

  5. Love this black dress. So cool how you set up the dining area too. Lovely post!

  6. DId you use any eyeshadow in these pics? I love the dusting of pink on your eyelids. And my cooking skills are pretty on par with yous---if there's a fancy dinner that I need to prepare, you bet that I will be browsing an hour beforehand!


  7. Oh, how lovely is your makeup! Gosh, you have the prettiest hair and I adore your shade of lipstick. Looking lovely for a date night, my dear!

  8. Ah it doesn't matter that you didn't technically make it you still made sure it was nice, cooked and edible for him... I always say it's the thought that counts :) You look lovely, love your hair and make up and the dress really suits you :) xx

  9. Lovely outfit! Haha the fails were funny to read, but honestly I'm sure they added humor to the night and contributed to a memory you will never forget! After all, it's the thought that counts! :)

    Simply Akshara

  10. great blog, new follower :)


  11. This is so thoughtful and sweet! I don't think it matters that you didn't prepare the meal, it's the thought that counts! You look so pretty, I hope you both had a wonderful evening :) xx

  12. Oh wow, you are gorgeous! And this dress looks absolutely killer on you! :)

  13. I am impressed. I am terrible at cooking and I would definitely consider putting a dish in the oven cooking. I often say I'm cooking when I heat up a microwave meal. You are so gorgeous, looking absolutely stunnning.

  14. Haha, at least it worked out. I'm prone to cooking fails too! Your makeup looks gorgeous!

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  15. wow! that dress is probably gift enough for the birthday boy!


  16. You look so pretty in that dress. I think your bf doesn't mind the mishaps if he comes home to see you. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's the thought that counts. I am sure he really appreciates the gesture. Thank you so much Natasha for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts. If we have not follow each other yet, I think we should. Let me know and I will exchange the favor. Ciao !


  17. Stopping by to wish you a great and inspired week ahead.

  18. You look absolutely fabulous, Natasha! What a fabulous date night look - love love!! :)

  19. Your eyes are amazing. Also, always look for a man that can cook.


  20. You look absolutely STUNNING! I hope you had an amazing night!
    Kristin xx

  21. What a lucky boyfriend you have! Looks like you thought of everything. The LBD and simple classic makeup is perfect!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  22. You look gorgeous (: , I am currently on my holiday so it's just part time work for me and slacking around. xx

  23. I love your date night make up,my favourite look,the feline flick,so glamourous and feminine,I love the dress too! hope you had a lovely evening,thanks so much for your lovely comment,hope your having a wonderful day x :)

  24. When you look that great, who cares about the food? ;)) haha It's so great that you made this effort for him, really says a lot about you! The table looks lovely, who cares if you didn't cook everything from scratch? It's the intention that counts! haha xx

  25. This is a very pretty look :)I love the hair too <3

  26. Una entrada perfecta!

    Estupendo lugar, llego por intermedio de un comentario tuyo en otro sitio.
    Si me permites te sigo, abrazos desde Uruguay!

    PD: Ya estoy siguiendo por Bloglovin.

  27. You look gorgeous!! How was your date night? And I loveee Boohoo; the dresses are such good prices!! :)

  28. hahaha the desert part made me laugh- me and you are kindred spirits, that's what i'd totally do ;)

    xo marlen
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