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Monday, 1 April 2013

The Films That Define Us #2

Happy Easter! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Easter Monday is a time when me and my family relax whilst watching a film. If you're still undecided about what to watch this fine Monday Zoë and Anouk of 'The Daily Fashion Drug' have been kind enough to share some of their favourite films. I asked Zoe and Anouk to contribute, as seeing their great style on their fabulous blog, I just knew they'd have impeccable taste when it came to films too, and they certainly do!

What's your favourite summer film?
Anouk: "My favourite summer film is (500) Days of Summer because the first time I saw it was on a perfect summer day- God, I really miss summer! Every time I watch the movie, I think about that perfect summer day. And of course, the title is about summer! This movie is all about love, relationships and rejection".
Zoë: "Phew, that’s a tough one! I think it’s The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. I saw this movie in the middle of a hot summer (yes, sometimes we have hot summers here in the Netherlands) with my best friend. We always wanted to go to Greece and meet a hot guy there just like in the movie!".

What's your most stylish film?
A: "It’s not a film, but a television series. I really enjoyed the series Gossip Girl. Not only because of the beautiful guys (Chuck Bass), but also because of their amazing outfits. I really loved Serena's outfits! It was always inspiring and that was one of the reasons why I loved it so much".
Z: "I agree with Anouk! Gossip Girl really went along with the latest trends at the time of filming. I think that all the characters in GG were always fabulously dressed and styled from head to toe.
But, I think that no television series or movie can compare to Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This film is so fun, classy and stylish! I love how Audrey Hepburn wore pants in that movie. Back in those days it was a little unusual to wear ankle trousers. And of course she is a natural beauty, so everything what she wore became stylish".

What's your favourite musical?
A: "I really can’t pick a favourite! I’ve seen a lot of musicals, because I really love them. These are my top three;
1.    Tarzan
2.    The Lion King
3.    Legally Blonde
I’ve seen the movie versions of these musicals, but I liked the musical versions more. Tarzan and The Lion King had an amazing atmosphere and Legally Blonde was more of a fun musical".
Z: "Definitely The Lion King! The costumes in this musical were amazing! And I also loved Wicked, but The Lion King is my number one favourite".

What's the scariest horror you've seen?
A: "I couldn’t sleep for two days thanks to the movie The Unborn. The movie wasn’t that scary, but a few ‘scary’ scenes of that movie were real-that’s why I was so scared! The movie The Blair Witch Project is also high on my horror list. It’s so scary because it’s filmed like a documentary".
Z: "Well, after I saw a horror film marathon that included The Exorcist, White Noise and The Hills Have Eyes, I became a big coward when it comes to horror movies… Since then I’ve never enjoyed a horror movie again".

What was your favourite childhood film?
A: "I have two big favourites; Pocahontas and the Beauty and the Beast, and I must confess, I still watch these movies. I know every line and song".
Z: "The Little Mermaid and also Beauty and the Beast. I always wanted a library like they have in the Beauty and the Beast! Actually, I still would love to have it in my future home…. ;-)".

A huge thank you for Zoë and Anouk's contribution-be sure to check out their great blog here!

NG <3


  1. Love 500 days of summer and i would also love the library from Beasts castle haha

  2. I haven't seen all the movies that are mentioned but I agree that Gossip Girl and Breakfast at Tiffany's (still) are very stylish and tough to top in the future.


  3. This is so cool. Love 500 days of Summer.

  4. Interesting selection on horror..I'm still going with Jennifer's Body ..even if its a dark comedy. I would have loved it more if they could have made it "Colin Gray"..just with Kyle Gallner.

  5. Ah brilliant loved reading this! I agree massively with 500 days of summer my favourite film too! Thank you for my comment x

  6. Oh, some great films and shows. Glad you mentioned Gossip Girl. I so miss that show!

  7. What great movies and shows!! :-)

  8. Gossip girl is the besttttt

  9. Love this post, bit obsessed with films! I still know the lines to my fave Disney films too haha xxx

  10. Nice blog i really like your work ! MAYBE WE FOLLOW EACH OTHER ON GFC , BLOGLOVIN AND FB .. i'll be so glad to keep in touch with your work ..


  11. i adore gossip girl!!!! it's my favourite telefilm :D what about following each other???? :D

    fashion blog miriam stella

  12. I am a huge fan of gossip girl and the walking dead, which is a strange match I agree but I do like all of your choices surely darling!


  13. Gossip girl is definately most stylish...and I love beauty and the beast

  14. I LOVE the style on gossip girl! I still need to see 500 days of summer!


  15. Great interviews! I found the telly really boring this Easter and I don't have the movie channels. I love Legally Blonde the musical and the film, I just watched the film again a few weeks ago!

  16. Lovely interview! I totally agree, Beauty & the Beast is a great childhood film!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  17. Oh how I miss Gossip Girl.

    My favorite childhood movie was The Little Mermaid. I seriously watched it on repeat.


  18. Hi dear, how are you? This is such a great post, love hearing about blogger's movie picks. 500 Days on Summer and Gossip Girl are my favourites as well.

  19. I loved Sisterhood of the Traveling pants and beauty and the beast! But my all time favorites are Legally Blond and Sleeping Beauty!

  20. Ah I actually really miss GG, I thought I wouldn't but I miss the fashion and of course Chuck&Blaire

    I have just now stumbled across your blog and I definitely like what I have seen so far!
    You have a great blog and I enjoy reading your posts! Anyways maybe you might consider following each other? :)
    Have a lovely day!

  21. Aw (500) Days of Summer :') Love that film x

  22. Ahh, I'm so glad to read another one of these posts! I love them! And it's always nice to hear about other films I haven't seen. I also am a huge fan of the Lion King even though it makes me sad. Beauty & the Beast is also a childhood favorite- I always wanted to be Belle :)

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