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Thursday, 31 January 2013

The books that define us #1

One of my aims for NG this year is to incorporate more literature and film into my blog. I wanted to do something unique though, rather than generic book and film reviews by me, and so I have two new features; 'The books that define us' and 'The films that define us'. The feature consists of a guest blogger writing about some of their favourite, most inspirational and memorable films or books. Not only is it a great way to discover new culture, but also new bloggers too.

I asked  Ellie to open this feature due to the nature of her blog, a space where she writes beautiful, engaging stories and I wanted to know the fiction that has inspired her work. You can check out her blog here. Read on as Ellie takes you on an enchanting journey starting with her most memorable childhood books through to the Young Adult fiction that has inspired how she writes today.

The Babysitters club by Ann. M. Martin.
"I so had to think back on this one and I might be way off base, but I remember how my mother got me started on Ann. M. Martin's The Baby-Sitters Club(1). At that time, she was teaching special ed students with learning disabilities, and her district didn't have books to spare so she invented her lesson plans around characters in this series. Even boys were wanting to know what would happen next with these girls".

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants by Anne Brashares.
"From reading one Ann's work later lead to another Ann, Ann Brashares' Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants(2). Perhaps there was a growing theme, I wanted to have friendships like that too. And many times I'd write my own journals for friends who moved away, so I could send them a book. Naturally, I'm still writing stories in my blog".

California Diaries by Ann M. Martin.
"Most of my stories are character driven and usually I try to find a way to get to the short attention span (since I have one too). I really loved Ann M. Martin's California Diaries(3). From those books I found Ducky who I still wish we knew what happened to.  He was a best friend that the girls could never completely understand. Of course in those days, one was not going to read the word "gay" nor "homosexual", especially, since these were teen books for middle schoolers. Still, he was rather aloof in spite of him trying to save his suicidal friend. This character influenced me to write characters who are rather complex".

Rainbow High by Alex Sanchez.

"In the Young Adult world of reading, I'm glad I've found Alex Sanchez's work such as Rainbow High(4). He definitely deals with issues and has made many aware of the problems that teens face.  I like the way he writes and he has such a great way of presenting problems and where to go for help".

Doing It and Nicholas Dane by Melvin Burgess
"Another on my list of Young Adult authors who make a difference is British author Melvin Burgess. Yes, Doing It(5) is on my list of favourite books of all times. Perhaps, the book is little bit along the line of TV show Skins, yet I found it did have much more heart. Some of his work does deal with the drug scene and runaways. If any of his books could be made into a movie, I would choose Nicholas Dane(6). It's a heart wrenching story of a boy who lived on the streets during the 80's".

Fearless by Francine Pascal
"One last author I must mention is Francine Pascal. I know she gets a bad rap with her Sweet Valley High series, but she did write another series I just couldn't get enough of; Fearless(7). The story of Gaia, the girl without the fear gene. Of course, one might think it was long commercial of suspense to get to the next book. However, I did like her techniques at catching my interest through different scenes which might only be texts from a cell phone. This series made me want to start my own. I did find the series inspiring".

Shadowland and He's so/She's so novels by Kate Brian.
"So what am I reading now? Kate Brian's Shadowland(8). Its her new trilogy!
She is the author the series Privilege and Private. She also writes under the name Kieran Scott, too. And I adored her He's so/She's so(9) trilogy. However, Shadowland is much darker, and you will find that a lot in Young Adult fiction.  This is the story of Rory who was attacked by a serial killer. Now she and her family are in the witness protection program and have moved. But is it enough to keep her killer away. I'm actually glad this trilogy isn't about vampires. I do like fiction that deals with real problems. I try to do this in my own writing, too".

 All quotes are by Ellie, and I urge you to check out her fabulous blog!
If, like Ellie, you would love to share your most memorable films/books in this feature feel free to contact me at I would love to hear from you!

Have a well-read weekend!

NG <3


  1. Thanks so much for letting me have a guest post here. I do hope others will share the books that define them.

  2. Really love this post and will definitley be looking at some of these books!
    Much love, x

  3. great post, Ellie I love your books, and Natasha, thanks for invite her to your blog, great idea!

  4. nice to meet u really love ur post..
    If u would like we can follow each other and visit our blog , it will be a great pleasure for us to know ur view about our new blog....


  5. I can remember reading The Babysitters Club when I was little!! And I was obsessed with Goosebumps!

  6. Great reviews! I will have to check these out!


  7. I read the Russian classics and books and magazines about nature when I was a teen. Oh, and librettos. :) I think the only exeptions were Sidney Sheldon and Ben Stocker's Dracula. :)

  8. I've been incorporating Downton Abbey posts onto my blog because of the fashion tie. But once I thought about it I realized it is a story like War and Peace, Gone With the Wind--about a family, civilization and way of life changed by war. How come it took so long for England to create such a wonderful epic even if it is a TV saga . . . ?

  9. I LOVE this post idea- it's definitely introduced me to a lot of new books in just this one post...I can't wait to check out some of these books. I'm really getting into reading again - at the moment I'm in the middle of reading 5 books at one time! I just can't get enough!

  10. I've never read any of those - I'm into old english literature, biographies, and anything written by or similar to Tom Robbins. Quite an eclectic taste!

    HANNAH †

  11. Ahh I loved the Babysitters Club when I was younger! xx

  12. thanks for the birthday love chica!
    fun book choices - i used to be OBSESSED with babysitter's club xx

  13. I loved Sisterhood of the traveling pants:)! Hey girl, Not sure if we are already following each other on bloglovin and gfc...but would you like to?

  14. great idea, i lve sisterhood of the travelling pants

  15. I have not read any of the books listed. Thanks for sharing the information.


  16. good to know!!

  17. I am a fan of Ann M. Martin. Melvin Burgess is on my favs list too.

  18. Love the Rainbow High Trilogy. Really a fun way to discuss books.

  19. I think that's a wonderful new section on your blog! It's lovely to find out about new books to read!

  20. Those look like really great books, I have only read The sisterhood of traveling pants, and when I was younger it was totally almost my favorite book! :D

  21. A really wonderful list of books, some I have read and others I am now interested to from your great reviews.

  22. I really like this feature, love books and films! xxx

  23. i need to read a couple of them!


  24. I read the Fearless series years and years ago. Great books!

    Busy reading a book called Shantaram at the moment which is fantastic!

  25. I haven't actually read any of these books, but I know I need to read more. Mum has been telling me since I was 5. I may try one of your recommendations.

  26. Great blog and nice post! I will be here more often, I'm ur new follower!
    Don't forget to visit my blog too and like my facebook page!

  27. I read a lot but I have not read any of this boks !
    Great post !

  28. really great selection, I definitely have to read them all, thanks!


  29. I like.

  30. What an amazing post! I really love to read this :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  31. Loved the Baby Sitters Club was I was younger!

  32. I have read most of these books and loved them all!

  33. WOW, Lovely
    Plz visit my blog this time, I need a little help :p



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