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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The stage is set

If I had not known that Joe Wright was the director of 'Anna Karenina', I would have guessed it would have been a Baz Luhrmann film. Theatricality, drama, intensity-well the setting is a theatre after all. And that is what distinguished 2012's version apart from the rest of the adaptations, the theatre setting. It is so important to give a novel much loved by many people a people an unique twist, and I think Wright has achieved this. It does seem an odd concept at first, but then again no odder than Seth Macfarlane's Ted, but it worked perfectly. And the cast had a little something to do with this.

Aaron Johnson played a cool, cold Vronsky, one that I did not have much affinity to at all-Wright's intentions, I suppose. I have to say his youth brought a lot to the love story-a little more convincing than Sean Bean's Vronsky it has to be said. It was amusing to see Jude Law taking a different role to what we are used to. No longer the rom-com hero, he played Alexei Karenin- a man of high position, middle-aged and balding (seriously). I've never really considered Law to be a great actor but I was pleasantly surprised by his performance, as he created a detached, and at the same time, sympathetic character. Finally, Keira Knightley, was, well as Keira Knightley is in her speciality period drama, striking, engaging and as Karenina slightly naive.

Lenin is not as prominent as he is in the novel, taking a backseat to Anna's story. But then again it is inevitable to fit 864 pages into 2 hours without editing parts of the narrative out. It would have been pleasant for Kitty and Lenin's romance to be explored more deeply, and certain elements are missing. The main theme of the book is Lenin's struggle to find the meaning of life, and disappointingly, this seemed a very minuscule detail of the film, compared to the intense theatricality of Karenina and Vronsky's affair. Watching the film independently to the novel, I would not have identified Lenin'sstory to be a major theme of the novel, and I believe this is where the film is lacking.

Every cloud has a silver lining though, and that comes in the form of the lavish costume design. Jacqueline Durran says of the costumes;

"He (Wright) told me that he didn’t really want to make it historically accurate, costume wise: he wanted to stylise it. The way he wanted to stylise it was to concentrate on the silhouette of each character and to take an 1870s silhouette, but simplify the surface details so that it really had the architectural simplicity of 50s couture. What I had to do immediately was look at the 1870s shape then strip away all the surface detail and just be left with that pure shape."
 So, while not historically correct the costumes were ornate, magnificent, dreamy and to be quite frank, pretty darn spectacular. Think rich, deep colours, expensive (faux) furs, satin of the highest quality,and you're in the sumptuous design world of Wright's Anna Karenina. One costume is even featured in the Hollywood costume exhibit, as pictured below.

The verdict? Highly enjoyable, I recommend you watch, the best Anna Karenina adaption I have seen. Not a masterpiece though-crucial parts are missing, I completely understand the constraints involved, but I do think it would have been refreshing to see Lenin more. I would say watch out for an Oscar nomination within the costume and set design categories!

What did you think to Anna Karenina? Are you planning on seeing the film?

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  2. I want to see this film!


  3. I love Keira, but I haven't heard of that film yet. But now I want to watch the movie. Thanks for the review!

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  6. I never rest this classic and the cast looks great. Keira knightly will play the role beautifully!

  7. thank you :) I got the name from the great show ever (Arrested Development). Love this post about Anna Karenina! I'm so looking forward to watching it!


  8. I hadn't heard of this film until now that I'm reading your post, but it definitely sounds like something I'd enjoy watching. I can already tell, the costumes look amazing! :)

  9. Sounds great! I hadn't heard of this film but like this review. It sounds like a good one to watch with my Mom and Sister.

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  12. Great review! I have mixed feelings about seeing this. Although, I know the costuming and the direction of the film would be quite unique. I'm so glad you posted about this film.

  13. I have had the book for years, but have yet to read it. I really need to do so ASAP, as I would love to see this film. J'adore Keira!! :)

  14. Love your review! I've heard about this film, it sounds like a masterpiece, I'll definitely see it! Thanks for sharing ;)
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