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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Just add wellies

Well I'm saying adios (see my Spanish is coming along!) for the weekend, as I'm off to a place where personal hygiene is non-existent, and it costs more for just one burger than two MacDonald's meals put together. Where? I here you cry, a music festival, I reply. It's my first time at one so as you can imagine I'm pretty darn excited, and as much as I'm excited I'm inexperienced, but with all my might I'm trying to look the part. Donning my wellies, I'm all stocked up on dry shampoo and salt spray so I'll at least be a tad presentable, and trying, that been the key word, to recreate a chic, surfer girl look.
Can't wait to share the pictures and stories you, but make sure you follow my adventures on Twitter

Have a great weekend, and share your festival experiences and tips below-very much appreciated for a novice like me!

NG <3


  1. sounds so fun! festivals are some of my favorite things in the world as they're so different from everywhere else. Please enjoy! and show us some wellie pictures!

  2. In that case, good luck, and enjoy your festival ..
    I'm following now, do you follow me either?
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  3. Ooh, you are going to look so chic!! :)

  4. I follow you and I hope that you will reciprocate...

  5. Pleeeeeaaassseeee tell me you're not going to Bennicassim????!!! As I will be CRAZY jealous!
    Have fun, looks like you have the festival look down to a T

    HANNAH †


  6. Have fun!! I love your vest and hat :)

  7. Hope you had tons of fun!

    xo Jennifer

  8. have fun!
    right now we have a small contest in our blog! we would love you to visit us and if you like it please feel free to follow us via GFC and bloglovin!
    xoxo. A

  9. Love this vest! :)

    xx Diana


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