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Monday, 28 October 2013

Starry Eyed

When the weather is cold and the days are long there is one trusty style combination I can rely on; a shirt and jumper, preferably in clashing colours or prints.

I'm wearing New Look jumper and jeans and H&M blouse.

Term has really got into its full swing, I can hardly believe that this week is the 5th week of the Autumn semester and the deadlines are beginning to approach (damn). I actually pulled a 4 hour stint between lectures in the library today which is as hard to believe as the aforementioned  5th week. Last year I kind of sailed by relying on the fact that the first year didn't count towards my final degree but this year shit has got real and I don't want to leave knowing I could have done better. I just hope I can keep this dedication up!

I had originally planned on taking my outfit post today on campus but as some of you may be aware the UK has been hit by a severe storm today. Luckily it did not hit Nottingham too bad but I didn't want to take any chances and get my camera wet! Priorities!

Have a great start to the week-what are you planning on going as for Halloween?

NG <3


  1. Good luck on your school :) things are getting hard for me too. Love your outfit!! :)) still deciding my Halloween costume, haha! Xx

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  2. Love the mixed prints! The heart and stars is perfect together! Great outfit! Sorry to hear about the bad storm in the UK!


  3. I really like the pretty blouse! As for Halloween, I will be out celebrating but not in disguise :)

  4. I hope the weather is better. Love your sweater! Definitely sweater weather here!

  5. Love the details to your outfit. You always add such a special charm to your outfits. Love it!

  6. Hoping all is well there. This is such a sweet sweater. Love the shirt too!

  7. Nice post!

    xx Mounia

  8. Perfect sweater and really cute blouse! Good luck with all that work :)

  9. I love the starry blouse, it looks lovely underneath your jumper. Can't beat a good shirt and jumper combo! Good luck with staying dedicated :) it's always so much easier in the beginning!! xx

  10. Very cute combination! :) I agree, sweaters and a shirt are so comfy especially for school. I hear ya- school work is getting so overwhelming. Not sure how long your term/semesters are but mine are quarters so they're like 10 weeks and it's going by super fast- everything's piling up! I literally can't stop to breathe without staying behind on reading or something. Hang in there! I'm sure you're doing just fine :) xx

    P.S. Kinda jealous that you all are having a storm- it seriously doesn't ever rain here anymore!


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